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Posted on June 1st, 2012


33% of all Facebook posting is mobile.

Like a picture taken while running from the cops with Fogell.


33% body fat can indicate

You’re overweight?

Well you’re borderline,

Borderline of being not so fine,

If you’re in a range from at least the age of twenty,

‘Til you’re over the hill and finally making money.


33% in a patch download,

In League of Legends where the Summoners go,

Is a number of pain

Because they’re ain’t no gain

in the download screen.

You gamers know what I mean.


33% of our population in prison

Has a number of non-citizens that’s certainly risen…

And only 33% of speaking roles going to women,

On T.V. and In movies

It’s to men we mostly listen

And Men’s perfumes are said to be masculine

But 33% of them all are being worn by women,

and 33% of all the ladies in their lifetime

Will have owned a cat; possessed their very own feline.


“33% lesbian”

Was a description of Reese Witherspoon

Provided by Robert Pattinson,

Words thought to cause a typhoon

But instead. . .

She considers herself a higher-percentage of lesbian.

33% of adult siblings

Drift apart entirely,

Sever ties completely,

Relationships are distant,

Rivalrous in an instant.


And Google brought to my attention

That 33% of hands is equal to

3.3528 centimeters.

I’m not quite sure what that means,

Or if it makes sense,

But this is a list of crazy things,

About thirty three percent.

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