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About My Blog

This blog serves as a portfolio for my writing and other creative projects. It’s mostly based off of a writing challenge discovered on DeviantART. The goal is to write 100 pieces of new and original writing. I’m also hoping to have a few other creative pieces. There will undoubtedly be rants, the occasional angry post, and perhaps some non-fiction about my life, but most of the writing will be fiction.

I will be starting a new job in September as a middle school English teacher and I’m hoping to create a student related category based on the ridiculous things those darn kids will say. By default, there will probably be some world-of-education related issues that I feel compelled to write about, so prepare for that as well.

Overall, I’m excited to get back on the writing horse. Here’s to hoping a rigid work schedule will help keep me on a creative writing schedule! I also sincerely hope something on this site can brighten a day, give a good chuckle (whether with me or at me), or distract from the crap that reality sometimes is.

As a slightly serious side note, please feel free to reference my work. However, all I ask is that I am cited and given credit. Thanks!


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