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Posted on June 1st, 2012


We say it’s complicated in an attempt to make things easier. Claiming something to be complicated is an attempt to explain, but really is an attempt at avoiding explanation. But this never works. It only makes the story that much more interesting. I mean, if it’s complicated, of course I want to know every single detail that makes it what it is. And you can be sure I’ll be disappointed when I actually manage to get the story out of you and there’s nothing complicated about it; you just didn’t want to tell me. How rude.

Other people have manners and respect the privacy of those who plead the Complicated. The complicated excuse only temporarily deters the conversation from happening, or can put it off from happening forever until it’s unimportant; “It’s complicated. I’ll tell you later.” We all know that later never, ever comes. Ever. That line is just a straight up statement that says, “No, I really don’t want to tell you and I never plan on it. Screw you.” It’s hurtful, in my opinion.

So many things in life are complicated, beyond attempting simple conversation. Financial issues, making forced decisions after investigating all the pros and cons, dealing with jerks, a troublesome job; the list goes on. Relationships are pretty high up on the list. Just ask Facebook and its relationship status update of “it’s complicated.” I mean, really? I saw that and laughed. I saw my friends jokingly post that with their friends who they hadn’t seen in awhile, and claimed that their friendships were a bit shaky at the moment. Then I saw girls go from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated.” If it’s six months later, and it’s STILL that complicated, I’ve got news for you. You’ve been hanging on to that thing by a thread, except he cut it four months ago, and left the strand in his pocket for safekeeping, with you tucked in there thinking what you still had was “real” when in fact he thought nothing more of you than a piece of lint in his pocket. But aside from that, if your relationship is complicated, why announce it for everyone to see? Hey guys! My relationship is unstable but we’re trying to make it work! It’s super complicated but I know somewhere behind that asshole mask he’s wearing he loves me! <3<3. No. Do yourself a favor and disable your Facebook account.

Life is a big ball of complicated and all we can really do is embrace it with open arms and hope to untangle the mess that it is. So I wrote this following poem of big words that somewhat tell a story to look at this from more of a positive perspective.




Trying hard but




Nowhere to turn




Unsure but…




New found hope




Looking up




Mission Accomplished


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