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Posted on June 1st, 2012

Dead Wrong

You want to judge me?

You want to tear me down?

You think you’re being funny?



Knock me down

Knock me out

Have you fun

Have your doubts


Pick up your shield

Pick up your sword

I’ll grab my armor

I’ll grab my words


You throw them like knives

You throw them like daggers

Hoping I’ll dive

Hoping I’ll stagger


You tripped me up once

You tripped me up twice

Feel your punts

Feel your vice.


Stand on your hill

Stand on your mountain

Look down on me, still

Look down on me, counting


Your days on high,

Your days are numbered

I will fight

I will have thundered


Let the battle begin

Let the fires ignite

Find the power within

Find the strength to fight


I’ll put you in your place

Because I know mine

The ink you’ll taste

As my words intertwine


I won’t stoop to your level

I won’t drop to my knees

I won’t bow to the devil

I won’t give what you need


The attention you crave

The victory you desire

Will crash in a wave

A vision to inspire


Not as you wish

Not as you thought

So throw your fit

For all you wrought


Fall to the ground

Defeated at last

Without a sound

And with one glancing pass


Words aren’t needed

To show your displeasure

Sweat on your brow, beaded

Is enough to measure.


The ink on my blade

The ink on my fingers

It will never fade

As victory lingers


My eyes reveal the ending

Pounding, like a gong

My wounds, they are mending

Knowing you are Dead Wrong.

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