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Posted on June 1st, 2012


Nothing lasts forever. That’s what everybody says. Eternity is defined as a duration without beginning or end. If we don’t know when or how something began, how do we know if it’s eternal? I mean, we have some idea how long the planets have been around, but no one was present when it all began. We have some idea when the planets and the sun and stars are all going to explode, but what do we care? It’s not going to be in our lifetime (right?). None of us here in this current day and age will know when the world ends (at least according to science today). It’s the whole ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really make a sound?’ We say yes, of course it did. It’s just that no one heard it. But if someone was there, they would have heard it. But there’s no proof. You can’t do anything these days without proof. I always hated doing proofs in high school. So many times I would be tempted to answer with “Just because. That’s it. End of story.” But that didn’t get me any A’s on tests. I never liked math much anyway.

So even though I have no way to prove the existence of eternity, I still think it’s out there. I will never live eternally. I’ll never find the end of forever. It’s there. Just because. Let’s take a look at love for a minute. I think it’s sad that many people would probably say that love doesn’t last forever. I disagree. Love is eternal. It’s those that participate in love that don’t last forever. I mean, technically love can last forever to the one who dies first. Last they checked, they were in love ‘til death did indeed make them part. But that death is mourned. That soul is followed by love to wherever it goes. It’s eternal.

The above argument is flawed. I won’t even try to deny that. I’m not even sure it qualifies for much of an argument. I didn’t care too much for philosophy. And talk about planets exploding and the world ending just freaks me out. There’s no way to prove eternity exists. I mean, I’ve already slightly convinced myself it doesn’t. But then why would we come up with a word like eternity if its definition can’t be found in the world? Just to be able to say this doesn’t exist? Probably.

Eternity is beyond humanity. If scientists are correct (and I’m not doubting them), then someday the sun will explode, which will also more than likely destroy Earth. Does everything end at that moment? We’ll never know. That explosion could somehow swallow up everything we know… But the universe could continue its existence, however it goes about existing.

There are just too many unknowns as far as I’m concerned. But I guess eternity is made up of unknowns. Not sure when it started, don’t know when it will end… I guess it all makes sense then, huh? It simplifies it, too. I’m going to accept it just the way it is rather than break my back looking into it any further than that. Go ahead and call me lazy. I tried. I don’t like proofs, I don’t like creating arguments, I don’t like thinking about the universe and its demise, and I don’t like philosophy. I did all this thinking about stuff I don’t even like. Wait… philosophy is part of the argument aspect, isn’t it…


I don’t know why people think circular arguments are fun. You make all this progress, do all this thinking and thought provoking stuff about trying to make a point just to end up back where you started. And all because of one point. One thing ruining everything. And the only purpose of that one thing is to disprove what you’re saying. It can’t even stand alone. Don’t ask me to debate something if you’re just going to shut down everything I say, and fail to come up with original ideas of your own. Because I’ve got news for you: that’s not a debate. That’s you trying to pretend you’re smarter than me. But if you’ve somehow tricked me into participating in a debate, than perhaps you are smarter…

No, we’re not having that argument.

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