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Posted on June 1st, 2012


*This post was originally written in July 2011. This was the first post I ever created for The Thought Bubble. Back then, my site crashed and all the posts on it were lost and re-posted at random intervals. Most of the posts dated 2012 were written shortly after this one.

What am I doing? What am I not doing is the better question. I do all this talk about wanting to write and create, and the sad truth is that I never make time for it. And when I actually do try it feels too forced. And deadlines suck. If there’s a specific date and time when something needs to be completed, you can bet I’ll be pushing the envelope. I’ve dubbed myself the Queen of Procrastination and while it’s something I’m not overly proud of, it’s undoubtedly true.

Lately I’ve been trying to encourage myself to write just to get going. I definitely needed a push from an outside source, whether that person was my mom, a teacher, or my boyfriend. I won’t call it harassment, but my boyfriend was relentless in pushing me to write, to type, to think. He’s the reason I have this web page and I’m pretty excited about it. He also presented me with a writing challenge to help get me started. The writing challenge is taking the time to write one hundred different pieces in any form that have focused themes. This first one is the introduction and I decided to keep it casual and basically entirely informational.

So, after stating my inability to sit and focus on just writing, how did this one get written? Jury duty. I am sitting in a Massachusetts district court to see if I shall be serving today, and to see if I indeed shall be doing my civic duty. I had to get up too early for this and it’s finally caught up to me. I’m doing my best to hide my yawns but they just keep coming. I expected a cozier room than the one I’m sitting in but at least there are some vending machines.

I’m quite excited about this writing challenge, and my goal is to have a new piece posted each Sunday night from here on out (I understand that today is not Sunday as this post goes up. This is a fluke. And evidence of my inability to keep with deadlines that I make for myself. The goal is for this to change). I also just realized something. There are one hundred themes for me to write about once a week. There are fifty two weeks in a year. So I’ve got just about two years worth of writing in front of me. It’s kind of intimidating when I think of it that way, yet awesome if I can keep up with it. That’ll show some dedication right there. Let the challenge begin!

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