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Posted on June 5th, 2012


Where to begin? Girls are bitches. They suck, in oh so many ways. Girls are well known for judging everyone else. Seriously, we pick places to sit for good people watching, places where we can sit and talk shit about everyone who walks by. Sometimes at a restaurant I’ll pick a seat at a table facing a wall so I can’t stare at people. But then I’m staring at the fat ass in the picture on the wall.

It’s innate. It’s part of our nature. It can’t be helped. But that’s no excuse.

Girls are constantly in competition with one another. My jeans are cooler. Shoes are hotter. My fake eyelashes are longer. We put make-up on for other women. A lot of guys say they prefer their lady without make-up (generally meaning the bright and obvious stuff). Yet we still smear it on. Got to impress the other ladies, of course. The competition never ends. Even if the make-up is on and the hair is did, there’s still plenty of room to judge. Were you looking in the mirror when you put that on your face? And did you forget to run a brush through that rat’s nest more commonly known as your hair?

HAIR. So easy to pick on everyone else’s hair. If the wind starts blowing, everyone is watching it flutter around your face and by the time you get inside… it looked good when I left my house this morning! Yeah I bet. We are terrible people. Why are we born with this nature to compete? And why do we have to play dirty and judge everyone? It’s disgusting.

I thought it might help to get a direct definition of the word judgment from It went something like this: the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion as from circumstances presented to the mind. The definition I liked better went like this: the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; GOOD SENSE.

Good sense. People judge something or someone negatively and for no decent reason, and they make bad decisions all the time. How could this be any good of a definition?

Just because a girl makes duck lips and takes two hundred pictures of herself and posts them online in small groups every few hours so she’s always always always in your newsfeed doesn’t make her a bitch. You shouldn’t call her names and be mean. Maybe she doesn’t know any better. There there, I know. She’s just throwing herself out there. And yes, her make-up does make her look like a clown but all of this doesn’t make her a bitch. But now you’re a bitch for complaining about it.

I don’t think you understand how difficult this is. Rather, how difficult it would be to try to stop judging each other. It would be ridiculous to try and always expect the best from people. We just can’t do it in our society.

That guy looks like a wicked creeper. But I know nothing about him. Be nice. Judgment free zone. Well shit, I just woke up in a ditch with my wallet gone and my clothes disheveled. Bad Life Decision. Our society has made it impossible NOT to judge people. It’s human and part of wanting to protect and secure ourselves. And maybe even make ourselves feel better. “Well at least I’m not them.” You don’t know how happy that person might actually be. They might not need an Acura to take them where they need to go. They might wear out of fashion clothes but they look much happier than you and your thrice divorced ass.

It is absolutely impossible not to judge others. Just impossible. Everyone is guilty of doing it in a negative fashion even if you aren’t saying it out loud. That quiet girl in the corner over there who never says anything? Yeah. There’s a whole different world going on in her head. She might look at you and smile. But what she tells her friends when she gets home is that you’re a man whore who treats women badly because you wear your pants below your waist.

But just because it’s impossible to avoid, doesn’t make it right; especially when we’re wrong. Making petty judgments and becoming annoyed with people over things that really don’t matter in the long run, it’s just unnecessary. But if you’re trying to make a judgment based on safety, it’s a little different to a certain degree. Just because someone looks like a serial killer doesn’t make them one. But sometimes those people who look like serial killers are serial killers and contact with them should be avoided at all cost. In all judgmental situations, I want to say go with your gut. But if I say that, than I fear that everyone is going to loudly voice their negative opinions about everyone without giving a damn.

Why can’t we judge people in a positive light. “Hey! You look really nice today. I like your fucking shoes!” It doesn’t make your shoes ugly if you like someone else’s. It just means there’s more than one type of friggen shoe and everyone has their own tastes and by God you found something in common with someone else! New friend? Maybe, who knows. If you pick on them because you’re jealous of those shoes you like so much, what’s the point? Why ruin everyone else’s day just because you woke up on the wrong side of the mattress? Lighten up, bro.

Some people walk around with the mentality that everything is about them. If I’m miserable, everyone else should be too. Why? Because I said so! Who the hell are you to “say so?” Who are you to decide how everyone else should feel? There are much better ways to spend your time. And why does someone else’s misery make you feel better? It’s a little sick to think about.

So, thanks to society and our own personal insecurities, the world is full of judgment and unnecessary negative comments and making everyone feel bad about themselves for no reason other than our own pleasures and to make ourselves feel better.

Well I don’t know. That doesn’t seem like a good way to end things here. Mostly because I don’t think there’s a way to end this. This is too complicated to prove a point, so I’m going to stop trying. However, I need to acknowledge that it’s not only women; it is absolutely, positively EVERYONE no matter who or what you consider yourself to be. And it needs to be toned down. We live in America. We are Americans and we are entitled to do our own thing, whatever that thing might be. If you don’t like that I do not believe in deodorant, therefore I do not wear deodorant, that’s your problem, not mine. Respect it and move on. It’s not hurting you unless you’re suffocating (which is entirely possible in some cases regarding this particular scenario).

But no matter what, people are going to judge, people are going to hate when most of the time there’s not need to discriminate. I try to declare a judgment free zone when I think I might say something that will cause people to look at me like like I have feathers coming out my nose. I’m not saying it works, but I can only try.

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