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Posted on June 1st, 2012

Making History

“I want to be famous when I grow up,” the young girl said to her mother. “I want everyone to know my name. And I want to get dressed up every day and be fancy and pretty.”

Mother put the groceries down on the kitchen table. Her pocketbook was slung over her shoulder and it wobbled as she searched the insides of it for her wallet. A few pens and coupons later, she pulled a twenty out and handed it to the babysitter who stood nearby, palm up and ready to go.

“Oh really honey?”

Mother watched the babysitter as she took the twenty, folded it and tucked it safely away in her bra. She flipped her bleached blond hair around then turned and headed for the door. Her jeans hugged her every curve like saran wrap and her hot ping thong sat nestled right below the clichéd tramp stamp.

This babysitter wasn’t the ideal role model, but Mother didn’t have too many options right now. Father was in another country on business and would be for the next four and a half months. This trashy figure was only there to get her feisty young daughter off the bus and keep an eye on her until five o’clock each evening, Monday through Thursday. Today was only Monday.

The door slammed in the background.

“Yeah Mommy. Someday, I’ll be on T.V.s all around the world. All eyes on me. All the time!” she squeaked. Her big green eyes stared at the wall, clearly looking beyond it. Her red hair was mostly pulled back except for a few strands that hung around her eyes. She blinked and picked up a green crayon and resumed her project.

Mother took out the cold, raw chicken and set it on the counter, along with a packet of gravy mix, potatoes, and assorted vegetables in preparation for dinner. She pulled out a bag of oranges and took one out. She began to peel it. “What’s so important about being famous, honey?”

“Everything mommy, everything! There’s so much stuff you can do when you’re famous. Like fly around in jets and appear in people’s shows and talk about stuff. It’s the life!” She had the gray crayon in her hand now, carefully outlining something. “I know it would be hard work, going from a nobody to a somebody, but I can do it! I can do anything I set my brains to. And reach the stars. And go to the moon if I really wanted to mommy. Ms. Shelly told me so. She said I had a good one of these on my shoulders,” as she pointed to her head. “And that I’m a good egg. But I don’t like being an egg.” She continued to color, delicately adding some finishing touches.

Mother brought the freshly peeled and cut up orange over to the table and took a seat near her child. “Why is Ms. Shelly telling you to be famous and be on T.V.? Hasn’t she told you about better, happier things you can do rather than just being a famous lady? Especially if you’re such a little smarty.” The young girl put a piece of orange in her mouth and some juice dribbled down her chin, a droplet falling to the table. “It really isn’t all that being an actress, you know.”

“Oh no mommy, I don’t want to be an actor person. I want to be this.” She handed her drawing to Mother. The picture contained a woman with long red hair and big green eyes in a gray dress suit inside a pentagon. There were several little circles that looked like heads staring at the woman in the gray dress suit. There was a sun with a smiley face, and boxes with her green eyed girl inside them. Her name was on all of the women with the red hair, located where a nametag would go. Everything was scattered all over the place, an aura of colors pouring from the page.

“Someday mommy, I’m gonna find the world peas, and feed everybody everywhere.”

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