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Posted on June 1st, 2012


10 days before you knew I had

9 thousand thoughts bouncing around my head with

8 different reasons why I should tell you how I feel, and that across

7 continents, and out of

6 billion people in the world, I discussed my feelings with

5 other people be

4 finally turning to you and rambling for

3 hours about stupid stuff neither of us cared about, remembering what had happened

2 years ago, but then you gave me that

1 special kiss that cranked my heart from

0 to 60 within seconds. Over

1 year later we can’t stand being apart; being separated for

2 days kills inside. But we say those

3 little words all the time and survived the

4 week spans of separation. In less than

5 months you graduate and in

6 months I’ll have you home forever. I’ll get to see you

7 days of the week and spend at least

8 hours at night cuddling with you until you start your

9 to five job and all I can do is thank God that we didn’t wait

10 years to remind each other how we felt.

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