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Posted on June 1st, 2012


I said I’d write that paper.

I said I’d do it later.

Not much of a debater,

I’m a procrastinator.


This habit I have’s a bad one

But I’m one of the million

Who put stuff off like children

Delaying just a smidgen…


I find it undeniable

This habit is unbreakable.

Its power is unstoppable,

Its hunger is insatiable.


Affected by sleep? It cannot be

It gets the job done more easily.

When your eyes are forced closed relentlessly

And hours are lost instantly.


Distractions are for sure contrived

And in no time they have arrived

And in no time you are deprived

Procrastination here has thrived.


Unbreakable, I do repeat.

Solutions just do not compete.

Things are left incomplete;

A hand full of sour deceit.


Procrastination. I see it. I run.

Procrastination. It sees me. It flies.

I approach with caution, with discretion

It tells me I’m wasting my time.


It twists my words.

It turns my ways.

It teases my mind;

Lost me in a daze.


I fight to stay ahead of time

It stays a step ahead of me.

Unbreakable this thing may seem,

Undefeated it is indeed.

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