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Posted on November 2nd, 2014

Vengeance: Part 3

Harrison sat back in the rickety chair with his steaming cup of coffee. Planning the car accident had been easy. Caleb always worked late nights and was just one of those people who worked too hard and was always tired. He often drove around late at night. The accident was ruled exactly that, a man who fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the vehicle. There was some talk where people thought there was some connection between the two deaths with the project they were working on, but it had yet to amount to anything significant.

With the funeral over, all that was left was to clean up. Nothing else mattered anymore. The injustice could finally be forgotten, wiped away, drowned, eliminated, destroyed. They were both destroyed.

Harrison still had a nagging feeling. Something still wasn’t quite right. Perhaps he would feel better once the rest of the evidence was destroyed.

Where was he going to move to? He still had to wait a while to move, otherwise it might be suspicious. He knew people still thought he was guilty. Maybe that would be an okay reason to up and move now, to get away from all the accusing stares.

But where would he go? There was nothing tying him here anymore. This was where he was supposed to create his family. This town was supposed to be the rest of his life. His dead-end job didn’t matter much anymore. He had held it because it was solid money every week, but he didn’t find much of a need for money anymore, at least not a lot of it.

There was nothing left. Really, absolutely nothing left. There was no meaning left in his life. There wouldn’t be another wedding, that’s for damn sure. How was he supposed to trust anyone after this? After her? There would never be another woman like her.

He saw her picture on the table again, and had a sudden urge to burn it. He suddenly wanted to forget everything that had ever happened in regards to Leah. She was once so special to him. But it seemed he was not special enough for her. What had he done to deserve this treatment? He would probably never know.

The anger in him continued to rise at all the unanswered questions that were stabbing into his brain, all the answers he would never have. He tried to keep reminding himself that it wasn’t important, but it was hard to not think about it. He was fixated on the life she had that he had never known about. All the lies she must have told.

He took a deep drink of coffee and placed the mug down on the table. He could have sworn that at the exact same moment the mug hit the table, something made a noise outside. Harrison sat perfectly still as he waited for something else to move, for another noise. But he heard nothing else.

He could feel his heart beating a bit in his chest. He felt the sweat starting to prickle in his armpits. Something wasn’t right. He thought about going to the window to look but he was nervous about something he couldn’t put his finger on. He was reluctant to get out of his chair as it always made noise. But in order to calm himself down, he had to get up to see.

As he was contemplating the most quiet way to maneuver out of the chair, he heard the noise again. It was closer this time, like it was in the room with him. His eyes grew wide as the sweat beaded on his brow. He was about to turn around when the room disappeared before his eyes.

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